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Latest Research Results (2000 - 04)
The following IPM was developed at West Virginia University, Cumberland, MD and Redding, CT.
(Last Updated 11-07-2006)

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Preliminary Results Of Our Four-fold Integrated Pest Management: (IPM)

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Note: The above IPM was used on 22 colonies in Cumberland, Maryland during the fall/winter of 2000 - 2001. There was a loss of two weak colonies out of the 22-colony trial. There was five-colony loss in the total Cumberland trial of 59 colonies. This Cumberland trial had an 8.4% colony loss as compared to a 50% - 70% loss in all Maryland colonies for the winter of 2000 - 2001. This IPM works well if used properly with timing of treatment being the most critical.

2001 Summer/Fall Trial:
The 2001 trial in
Cumberland, MD using our improved HBHFA fumigator resulted in a 90 - 95% kill of Varroa in the cells and on the bees in less than 24 hours in most all colonies in the 46 colony trial; with only three queen losses. A 31colony trial using Coumaphos and Apistan also resulted in a loss of three queens. These queen losses may have been due to failed supercedures and colonies that swarmed failing to make a new queen. Also, Apistan resistance Varroa hit Cumberland, MD this year.

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