Part I Of Our Four-fold Treatment Protocol:
Screened Bottom Board!

Altered Dadant Wood Bound Varroa Screen & Sticky Board.
Used As Mite Detector/Monitor In All Of Our 2000 Experiments!

We slightly altered the Dadant Varroa Screen & Sticky Board to meet our specifications for our 2000 Fourfold Treatment Protocol.

Dadant Screened Bottom Board & Sticky Board

Dadant Wood Bound Varroa Screen & Sticky Board
Page 19 of their 2000 Catalog

The screened bottom board used by itself can slightly reduce Varroa populations. This reduction is not enough to keep the colonies to below injury level. Using the screened bottom board with salt/wintergreen patties can increase Varroa drop by at least two times and as high as five times in some colonies which is enough of a drop to keep the Varroa from multiplying and below injury level to the colony. The screened bottom board can be used along with the salt/wintergreen patties year around. We have concluded that starting this system before the mites reach injury level to the colony and while the colony is healthy seems to work the best in keeping the mites at low levels. When the colonies are healthy they consume the patties at a faster rate. Also, using the screened bottom board during Formic Acid treatments makes an excellent detector for monitoring mite drop during and after treatment regimes.

Images From Some Of Our 2000 Experiments!

These images are results from our various treatment regimes used in 2000 with the altered Dadant screened detector board.

Click HERE For Video Of Detector Board in Use!
Click HERE For Close-up Video Of Detector Board!