Harry Mallow Applying Wintergreen Grease Patties And Terramycin!

On the right Harry is treating a hive in one of his Apiaries with grease patties and terramycin.





On the left Harry is applying wintergreen grease patties to a hive. He is applying two 4-5oz. patties to the brood nest.

Note: During our 2000 experiments we found placing about five 2 - 3oz. patties above the brood area caused a more rapid consumption of the patties by the bees.



On the right Harry is applying Terramycin mix to the end bars of a hive. We recommend applying terramycin in powered sugar instead of in grease (extender) patties. We believe that the terramycin may break down in the patties and the bees sometimes are reluctant to consume the patties, whereas the bees readily consume the terramycin mix in powdered sugar. Also, there is growing evidence that the use of terramycin in grease patties is leading to a surge of resistant strains of foul brood.