The New Wick System Using

Essential Oils, Organic Acids

and Syrups to Control Varroa and Trachael mites.

Preliminary tests on this new system were also tested by West Virginia Universities Department of Agriculture.

( By: Bob Noel, Jim Amrine and Albert Yoder)

The above bottom board set-up is for the Organic Acid treatment with the reducer in the front. The other integral part is the special inner cover that is not shown. The two special wicks are in place with the resovoir can to the right. This same set up is used for the oil and feeding experiments with the reducer removed.

Wick System With Mite Detection Tray!

The above bottom board is the same as the other used except it has a mite detection tray in the back.

Mite Detection Tray Sliding Out of

Back of Hive!

Exploded View of Mites in Detection Tray!

The above exploded view is from one of our Organic Acid test hives. The wick system using the acids worked extremely well in our initial test hives in August and the trial test hives in early September, when there was a lot of bees, brood and a constant 94 F temperature.