Year Round Organic Treatment Regime for Control of Parasitic Mites Using Essential Oils and Organic Acids!

(By: Bob Noel and Jim Amrine)

We have a year round organic treatment regime we plan on using next year on several of our hives, especially with our findings this fall of possible fluvalinate resistant mites now in our area!

Stages of Treatment:

The following regime is for the Northeastern States. Beekeepers in other areas that would like to try this system will have to develop a regime that will work best for them in their area.

Note: Most hives readily take the feeding stimulant; some hives may be reluctant to take the treated syrup at the recommended dose. Start these hives with smaller doses of concentrate (2 ml per quart) and work up to the recommended dose (5 ml per quart) to temper the hives into taking the treatment. After this, we increase the treatment to 10ml - 12ml per quart, if desired. Higher concentrations are good for early spring buildup.