Excellent Winter Mite treatment!

(For Both Varroa And Tracheal Mites)

Bees Below are Consuming Wintergreen Grease Patties.

Pollen Substitute can also be added to the grease patties for a good, late winter/early spring feeding. We do not recommend adding Terramycin to grease patties. The Terramycin may break down and not be a viable treatment and some hives do not readily consume the patties. Terramycin patties are also suspected of enhancing resistance in American Foul Brood. We suggest mixing the Terramycin with powdered sugar and applying the recommended doses to the ends of the top bars. (See Harry Mallow)

The Bees Below Propolized the Patties; we have noticed about 1% of hives will Propolize any Patty regardless of Mixtures.

The above hive has been treated with both a paper towel and a grease patty. Beekeepers that have been using the grease patties and/or paper towels regularly (year around) seem to keep the mites in check. Or at least, keeps mites at a low level so they do not develop a heavy infestation in the cells and mite-PMS does not set in.