Mite Control in Honey Bee Hives
With Essential Oils & Formic Acid Fumigation

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Warning! About Formic.


- Colony Collapse Disorder
- Dr. Amrine's Florida Researcher of the Year Award!

1. WVU Site on Organic Acids and Essential Oils

2. WVU Florida Formic Results Presented to the FSBA Association on 10/27/06

3. WVU Formic Article Published in the IJA June 2006

4. WVU Formic Article Published in the IJA June 2007

5. Paper pad treatment March -November 07

Paper Pad Purchases can be made for Gusmer Inc in lots of 1000.
Call Deborah Fenske (715) 258- 5525 Ext. 144 for Information.

6. January 2007 Report to Florida DPI on Formic Fumigator Results

January 2 - 3, 2007 Formic Acid Treatment Data
January 2007 Treatment Data in .PDF Format
Januauary 2007 treatment Data in HTML Format
January 2007 Alcohol Washes in .PDF Format
January 10, 2007 Alcohol Wash Note

7. More Information on Using Our 50% Fumigator for Varroa Control

8. Details of Using our HBH Formic Fumigator

9. Queen Losses Reduced to Normal Levels Using 50% Formic Acid With Essential Oils

10. Specific Gravities chart correlated with percent formic acid

11. Information on Formic Safety.

12. Mixing Formic Acid and HBH

13. Soaker-Lining Fabric Used in Our Fumigator

14. Commercial Beekeeping Way To Apply Wintergreen Grease Patties

By David Stewart, Ph.D.,R.A.

The new padding we are using is soaker-lining "235gms", made by Dri - Line Products, Ltd. The cost is $3.00 per meter sold in 100-meter rolls. Those interested in purchasing this material need to contact Dri - Line Products and ask for Yasmin. One 100 meter roll will make approximately 600 pads fitting our fumigator. The pads can be used many times, washed and used again.

Mailing Address:
Dri-line Products Ltd.
4908-87 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5W3





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